BlockXAfrica — Bridging the Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Education Gap in Ghana

Introducing BlockXAfrica — educate, collaborate and innovate.BlockXAfrica is a Ghanaian based Blockchain Startup that seeks to bridge the blockchain and cryptocurrency education gap through advocacy, collaboration, and innovation.

We continue to hear time and time again the need for financial inclusion on the African continent and how blockchain and cryptocurrency can help solve this problem yet in the 10-year history of the industry, little (and in some cases no) results can be cited.

The dream of improving lives in Africa through blockchain and cryptocurrencies might remain just that without a conscious effort to achieve realistic goals. A major element in the adoption drive process is education. We can all agree that people cannot use the technology they do not understand, right?

Enter BlockXAfrica! We are a group of young people (average age — 18 years) from Ghana with the aim of teaching, advocating and spreading the gospel of Cryptocurrencies. We intend to do this through strategic educational campaigns and social intervention programs & projects.

Our education campaigns seek to enlighten people on the importance of cryptocurrency and its various use cases across the continent. We also intend to address the various cryptocurrency scams that have invaded the industry in Africa which is one of the highest contributing factors to distrust in the technology by promoting tested industry standards.

We also intend to affect the societies around us through acts of charity and donations. BlockXAfrica will target the less privileged societies and help them while educating them about cryptocurrencies. For instance, if we donate exercise books to a school, the books will have cryptocurrency related branding explaining various concepts about cryptocurrencies.

Currently, BlockXAfrica has partnered with several projects to make our education and adoption drive a success. We intend to unveil our various partners in the coming days.

We are ready to Teach, Advocate, Spread Cryptocurrency!

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